While far from everything the B.C. Green Caucus has accomplished in this minority government, these are some of the highlights that we have been able to get done:
Actions to protect Wild Salmon
Basic Income
Fair Wage
Action on
Ban Big Money
Economy Task Force
Amendments to the Residential 
Tenancy Act
Money Laundering Inquiry
Appointment of
Innovation Commissioner


In 2017 the BC Greens achieved a historic breakthrough, electing the first recognized Green Caucus after receiving almost 20% of the provincial vote. Shortly after the election, the BC Greens signed the historic 2017 Confidence and Supply Agreement with the BC NDP to form the province’s first minority government since 1953.  


In the years since this agreement was signed, the BC Greens have seen countless priorities accomplished, including:


  • Banning of corporate and union donations and reforms to lobbying.

  • A new professional reliance regime. 

  • The creation of the emerging economy taskforce.

  • Appointment of an innovation commissioner.

  • A study of Basic Income.

  • The creation of Clean BC - an economic strategy based on meeting our GHG reduction targets. 


Despite the agreement which outlines the shared priorities of the two parties, the BC Greens remain an opposition party, tasked with holding the government accountable for the decision it makes. 

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